2021-2022 Term1 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2021年11月13日 2021-2022 Term1 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

快乐汉语 第三课《我们给他打电话吧》教学内容(13/11/2021)
Happy Chinese Lesson 3 “Let’s call him” teaching content (13/11/2021)
Review: the words and key sentence patterns in the Palace of Versailles
Dictation. The dictation is all right, Wang Huiyi

3、学习快乐汉语 第三课《我们给他打电话吧》,生字、词:“名片、替、饭馆、送、外卖、菜单、打、赚钱、附近、可以、饿、给、点菜、羊肉、快餐、烤、准备”
Learning Happy Chinese Lesson 3 “Let’s call him”, new characters and words: “business card, for, restaurant, to send, take-out, menu, to call, to earn money, nearby, may, hungry, to, order food, mutton , Fast food, to roast, to prepare”
4、重点句型Key sentence patterns
他替一个饭馆送外卖 He delivers food for a restaurant
替:A.for 为、给
我替朋友订票I booked tickets for my friend
我替他准备饭I will prepare lunch for him
B. replace 替代
我替他上场表演 I replaced him in the performance
5、翻译句子和短文,练习对话,句子替换。Translate sentences and short essays, practice dialogue, and replace sentences

1、快乐汉语练习册Happy Chinese Workbook : P15-18 P19-9、10
2、下列句子和字词各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写Copy the following sentences and words three times each and translate them. Dictation next week:他替一个饭馆送外卖、我们给他打电话吧、一张名片、菜单、赚钱、附近、可以、饿、点菜、烤羊肉、快餐、准备