2021-2022 Term1W9 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 11月13日

2021年11月14日 2021-2022 Term1W9 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 11月13日

教学内容 teaching contents:
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新词汇 new vocabulary:
1足够enough 2.把…放 to put 3.派 to send / to dispatch
4.世界上 in the world 5.地区region 6.火山volcano
7.喷发 erupt 8.灾难disaster
附加词汇 additional vocabulary:
慈善charity 成立established 非洲Africa 亚洲Asia 贫穷poor/poverty 食物food 资源resources 壶pot 死亡 die

家庭作业 homework:

1. 所有新学词汇每个写5遍,下周听写。 all the new vocabulary write 5 times each ,we will have a dictation with these words next week. ( 12 words from above)
2.写作P93-5 写一篇不少于125字的购物经历。(11月20日上交)writing homework P93-5 , write about your shopping experience, no less than 125 words. Please use the phrases in the book to help with your writing. (Please use as many adjectives and connection words as you can to improve your writing skill) (Due on 20/11/2021)