2021-2022 Term1 W11 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2021年11月27日 2021-2022 Term1 W11 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文四册 第4课《晒太阳》 (27/11/2021)
Four Chinese Volumes Lesson 4 “Baking in the Sun” (27/11/2021)

1、复习:A看英文说出中文 “毕业、努力、老师、青年人、写汉字、课本、练习、同学、回答、问题、将来” B填空 “你说汉语说得真好” “汉语不难学” “我对中国画有兴趣”
Review: A. Read English and speak Chinese “Graduation, hard work, teachers, young people, writing Chinese characters, textbooks, exercises, classmates, answers, questions, future” B. Fill in the blanks “You speak Chinese really well” “Chinese is not difficult” “Learn” “I am interested in Chinese painting”

Take a picture of the solar system, learn about the distribution of the nine planets, find out where the sun is, its size compared to our earth, and its distance. Make a group of photos of sunbathing and ask questions: Do you like sunbathing? Why? In the UK, where do people like to bask in the sun? Introduce the course “Baking in the Sun”

3、学习字词句 “晒 照 处 寻 熟 暖 才 好处 衣服 健康 被子 太阳不晒草不绿”
Learn the words and expressions: “Finding the place where you are in the sun is good for good clothes, healthy quilt, and the grass is not green in the sun.”
Key sentence: The sun will not dry the grass and will not be green. It means “if you don’t dry the grass, it won’t be green.” “No A, no B” means “if not…not…”, and two “no”s are used together to express double negation.
例:不去不行 (如果不去就不行)Example: If you don’t go, you can’t do it
不学不会 (如果不学就不会)If you don’t learn, you won’t
不看不知道 (如果不看就不知道)I don’t know if I don’t watch it
不来不给 (如果不来就不给)If you don’t come, don’t give it

When the text is read aloud, play the rhythm and read it aloud if there is a rhythm, with pictures for students to narrate, translate or try to recite, find out the role of the sun and the importance of sunbathing in the text, and talk about the role of the sun

1、练习册B Workbook B:P19 P20 P22 P26 P28 P31 P32
2、朗读课文《晒太阳》发到微信群Read the text “Baking in the Sun” aloud and send it to the WeChat group
3、下周听写“照 熟 暖 好处 衣服 才健康 晒被子 好处不寻常太阳不晒草不绿” Next week, dictate “photographing, warming, good for clothes, only healthy, drying the quilt, for the unusual benefit, the sun does not dry the grass and the grass is not green.”