2021-2022 T1 W12 12月4日 Preshcool课堂内容及家庭作业

2021年12月07日 2021-2022 T1 W12 12月4日 Preshcool课堂内容及家庭作业

-Video time: I have a lovely family. 我有一个快乐的家
-Learn how to say ‘I have’ in in Chinese
Plenary 1: hit and pass. Teacher assistant will hit the drum, students will pass on the flower to each other. The one has the flower when the drum stops, will need to use the word ‘I have’ to say ‘I have the flower’. 击鼓传花,拿到花的小朋友要用‘我有…‘来造句。

B.Learn to write:
Learning new word: 冰, 禾

C.Family members: 爷爷,奶奶,叔叔,阿姨
Plenary: watch and dance: Baby shark

E.Culture and knowledge文化: 汉字的动画

F.Numbers: 10-30

Culture to cover in lesson: 象形字,汉字的起源