2021-2022 T2W1 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 1月8日

2022年01月08日 2021-2022 T2W1 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 1月8日

教学内容 teaching contents:
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(一)词汇 vocabulary

游(yóu)泳(yǒng) swimming
骑(qí)自(zì)行(xíng)车(chē) to ride a bicycle
玩(wán)儿(er)滑(huá)板(bǎn) to play skateboard
打(dǎ)网(wǎng)球(qiú) to play tennis
跑(pǎo)步(bù) jogging
踢(tī)足(zú)球(qiú) to play football
可以(kěyǐ) may/can
交(jiāo) to make (friend)
晚(wǎn) late 晚上(wǎnshang) evening
关门(guānmén) closed/ to close the door

语法知识 grammar
“了” can also be used at the end of the sentence to indicate a new situation, progression, or change of state.
例句: 现在三点了。

家庭作业 homework:
1. 上面(一)词汇里所有的词每个写5遍 All the vocabulary above in session (一), 5 times each.
2. 翻译句子 Translate the sentences into Chinese
(1.) I always play basketball with my classmate on Wednesday.
(2.) My younger sister likes cycling with her friends in the park near my house on Sundays.
(3.) What will you do this Saturday?
(4.) I will play tennis with my older brother.
3. 在1000个常用的汉字中,找出自己已经认识的字,测试一下自己的识字量。 Use 1000 the most used Chinese characters list, to check your literacy.