2021-2022 T2W1 Preschool教学内容以及家庭作业

2022年01月08日 2021-2022 T2W1 Preschool教学内容以及家庭作业

Lesson content:

Repeat class rules: 1. Indoor voice 2. Golden rules: Be nice, be kind 3. Raise hands before talking/asking 4. No food, toy during the class 5. When the yellow bell rings, back to the seat.
Class system: 1. Star of the week; 2. Stars rating for each student; 3. Teacher’s assistant (star of the week)

Speaking 1
-Video time: 礼貌歌, 你好歌

-Teacher introduce of herself to new students,then go around in the classroom. Example:
-老师:你好, 我的名字是。。。请问你的名字是什么
Revision from last term: Greetings: ‘你好,谢谢, 不客气‘

Speaking 2:
Introduce yourself: my name is: …I come from:… I am …years old, my family member: 爸爸,妈妈,哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹): Group discussion

Writing 1: Strokes from last term: 竖,横,点,

Counting: 1-5 / 1-10

Culture revision from last term (Listening):
What is the famous animal from China? Panda
Culture to cover this week: The year of Tiger (next lunar year)

Reading and writing 2: 一,二,三,十

Colour: 红色,黄色, 绿色 Red, Yellow, Green

Homework (preparation for next lesson):
-Practice greetings from this week – Will be tested at the beginning of each lesson
-Practice colours – 红色,黄色,绿色
-Practice strokes and words: 竖,横,点,一,二,三,十
-What do we know about China?