2021-2022 Term2 W1 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(08/01/2022)

2022年01月08日 2021-2022 Term2 W1 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(08/01/2022)

快乐汉语 第十一课《比赛四点才开始》教学内容(08/01/2022)
Happy Chinese Lesson 11 “The game doesn’t start until 4:00 ” Teaching Contents (08/01/2022)

1、总结上学期的考试情况Summarize last semester’s exams
2、学习快乐汉语第十一课《The game doesn’t start until 4:00》生字、词:“才to indicate the time is later than expected ,体操gymnastics,活动activity,队team,戏剧drama 队员team member 认识to know 开门to open the door 希望to hope 发烧to have a fever 看病to see a doctor 已经already
3、重点句型Key sentence pattern
1) 比赛四点才开始 The game doesn’t start until 4:00
(才:表示比期待的时间更晚to indicate the time is later than expected)
刚才just 才能talent
2)要是天气好,我们就去 If the weather is nice, we’ll go
Translate sentences and short essays, practice dialogue, and replace sentences

1、快乐汉语练习册: P75-79 Happy Chinese Workbook: P75-79
2、下列句子和字词各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写 “比赛四点才开始” “要是天气好,我们就去” “体操gymnastics,活动activity,戏剧drama, 队员team member ,认识to know ,开门to open the door , 希望to hope, 发烧to have a fever ,看病to see a doctor 已经already(Copy the following sentences and words three times each and translate them. Dictation next week )
3、每天坚持10分钟的中文学习,可以是做作业,也可以是阅读,完成后在日历上圈起来keep learning Chinese for10 minutes every day, either doing homework or reading, and circle it on the calendar once your job done.