2021-2022 Term2 W2 GCSE

2022年01月15日 2021-2022 Term2 W2 GCSE

课堂内容Lesson contents:
1. 通过游戏,练习“节日”话题有关的词汇。
Practice the vocabularies which are related to the “Festival” topic by game.
2. 同学们讨论并练习“节日”话题有关的口语和写作例题。
Group discusses and practices the example questions in the speaking & writing exam for the “festival” topic.
3. 听力练习
Listening practice
4. 复习时间短语
Review the time phrases
5. 复习如何表达多长时间/多久,做相关练习
Review how to describe time duration, do the related exercises.
6. 学习中国新年相关的祝福语
Learn phrases for the Chinese New year greeting
7. 翻译练习
Translation exercises
家庭作业 Homework
Writing task, write down the answers for the Oral and Writing example questions in the “festival” topic.