2021-2022 Term2 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(29/01/2022)

2022年01月29日 2021-2022 Term2 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(29/01/2022)

快乐汉语 第十二课《看看我的电子邮件》教学内容(29/01/2022)
Happy Chinese Lesson 12 ” check my email” Teaching Contents (29/01/2022)
1、 复习Review:看图说出中文Look at the picture and speak Chinese
The dictation is all right:Xia Yinghao, , Huang Kaiwen, Wang Yucheng, You Yihao,Tang Ziqi、Wang Huiyi
3、学习快乐汉语第十二课《看看我的电子邮件》生字、词:“网internet、报纸newspaper、学期school term、公司company、网页web page、小学primary school、信letter、笔友pen pal、德文german、错wrong、帮助to help、告诉to tell、网址website、成年人adult、困难difficult
4、重点句型Key sentence pattern
1) 我看看我的电子邮件i check my email
“看看”:动词重叠,表示动作反复多次Redundant verbs, indicating that the action is repeated several times
2)我跟爸爸一样喜欢看新闻I like watching the news just like my dad
“跟……一样” same as
例:他跟姐姐一样喜欢听音乐Like his sister, he likes to listen to music
3)我现在想看看报纸 i want to read the newspaper now

Translate sentences and short essays, practice dialogue, and replace sentences
6、剪纸:老虎、“福”字 Paper-cut: Tiger, the word “Fu”
1、快乐汉语练习册: P83-85 Happy Chinese Workbook: P83-85
2、下列句子和字词各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写 “我跟爸爸一样喜欢看报纸” “我现在想看看网页” “学期、公司、小学、给笔友用德文写一封信、错了、帮助、告诉、网址、成年人、困难”(Copy the following sentences and words three times each and translate them. Dictation next week )
3、以《春节》为题,写一篇150字左右的小短文,可以选择使用以下我们所学过的词语“晚上、挂、于是、一直、一定、既…也、有趣、 ……可真……” Take “Spring Festival” as the title, write a short essay of about 150 words, you can choose to use the following words we have learned: “evening, hanging, so, always, certain, both…also, interesting, …. ..Really……”