2021-2022 Term2 W8 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(05/03/2022)

2022年03月05日 2021-2022 Term2 W8 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(05/03/2022)

中文第四册 第8课《司马光》教学内容(05/03/2022)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 8 Teaching Content of 《Sima Guang》 (05/03/2022)

1、复习Review:看英文说出中文Read English and speak Chinese
The dictation is all right: Xia Yinghao, Wang Huiyi,Tang Ziqi
3、学习生字词Learn new words:聪明smart;游戏game;水缸water jar;装满to fill up;
吓哭be frighten to cry;惊 慌be panic。学习部首learn radicals “耳”“缶”
4、重点句型Key sentence pattern
1) 有的…….有的…… (there are) some
They were playing in the garden,some were playing games,some were climbing the trees.
2) 别的…….只有…… other… only
Other children were so frightened and started crying,Only Sima Guang stayed calm.
3)又……又…… ….and…
The water vat was big and deep .
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points
5、朗读课文并翻译,结合图片回答问题:课文里的说的是谁?做了什么事?他是个怎样的人?图片上画的是什么地方?发生了什么事?水缸是怎么样的?小朋友为什么会掉到水缸里,后果会怎样?其他小朋友是怎么做的?如果是你遇到了这种情况,你会怎么做?Read the text aloud and translate it, and answer the questions with pictures: Who is the text talking about? what did he do? What is he like? Where is the picture drawn? What happened? What is the tank of water like? Why does the child fall into the water tank and what will be the consequences? What are the other kids doing? What would you do if this happened to you?

1、中文练习册B Chinese Workbook B: P53-P58
2、下列句子各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写“司马光很聪明;他们有的做游戏、有的爬树;水缸又大又深,里面装满了水;别的小朋友都吓哭了,只有司马光不惊慌”(Copy the following sentences three times each and translate them. Dictation next week )
3、朗读课文《司马光》发到微信群Read the text “Sima Guang” and send it to the WeChat group