2021-2022 Term2 W8 GCSE

2022年03月05日 2021-2022 Term2 W8 GCSE

课堂内容 Lesson content
Speaking practice: who is your idol? why is he/she?
2.听力练习 Listening practice
3. 阅读练习 reading practice
4. 复习“了” 的用法,翻译练习。 Review how to use “了 ”, translation practice
5. 复习了如何表达观点的句式。Review the sentence structure to express your opinions.
6. 复习了如何用不同的疑问词来提问.Review how to use different interrogative words to ask questions in Speaking test.
7. 话题讨论。Topic discuss
家庭作业 Homework
完成”媒体 ” 有关所有话题的练习。Finish practicing all the questions in the “Media” topic.