2021-2022 T2W9 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 3月12日

2022年03月12日 2021-2022 T2W9 GCSE 预备班 家庭作业 3月12日

教学内容 teaching contents:
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汉字认读 (301-320)
始(shǐ) 达(dá) 深(shēn) 完(wán) 今(jīn) 提(tí) 求(qiú) 清(qīng) 王(wáng) 化(huà) 空(kōng) 业(yè) 思(sī) 切(qiē) 怎(zěn) 非(fēi) 找(zhǎo) 片(piàn) 罗(luó) 钱(qián)
打(dǎ) 把(bǎ) 拉(lā) 推(tuī) 华(huá)

生词 vocabulary:
经验(jīngyàn) experience
社会实践(shèhuìshíjiàn) to do work experience
参加(cānjiā) to paticipate
帮助(bāngzhù) to help
哭(kū) to cry
努力(nǔlì) to make a great effort
药店(yàodiàn) pharmacy
兼职(jiānzhí) part-time job
送(sòng)报纸(bàozhǐ) to deliver newspaper

语法知识 grammar
1.“到”的用法 – verb+到
“到” is known as a “resultative ending”. It comes after the verb and shows that the action of the verb has been completed with the expected result.
“学到” “ have learned ”
“看到” “ have seen ”
“得到” “ have gained ”
“听到” “ have heard ”
“来到” “ have arrived ”
2. The use of“是…的”
1. To highlight the circumstances of a past action
2. For emphasis

家庭作业 homework:

1. 新学的生词每个写5遍。Write all the new vocabularies 5 times each.
2. 写作P145-5 100 字。 Writing P145-5 100 words。
3. 继续认读并练习写1000个常用的汉字中的字。 下节课认读321-340。Use 1000 the most used Chinese characters list, continue learning the characters 321-340.