2021-2022 T2W10 Preschool 教学内容及家庭作业

2022年03月19日 2021-2022 T2W10 Preschool 教学内容及家庭作业

Lesson content:
Greetings: ‘你好,谢谢,不客气,对不起,没关系,再见‘
Video: 你好歌 Hello Song (Please see last week’s content)/ 宝宝巴士:宝宝有礼貌

Colour: 红,黄,绿 ,蓝色,橙色, 白色,紫色,黑色(red, yellow, green, blue, orange,white, purple,black)
Video: 颜色歌 Colour song

Talk about favourite fruits and their colours

眼睛,耳朵,鼻子,嘴巴,头发,身体 (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, body)

反义词:大,小,高,矮 ,快,慢(big, small, tall, short, fast, slow)
Video: 反义词歌 (Please see last week’s lesson content)
家人,他是谁 Family; Who is he?
Video: ‘七色龙’汉语分级第一级:家人: Basic Chinese: Family

这是。。。This is

Reading and writing: 横 (Heng),竖 (shu),撇 (pie),捺(na),点 (dian), 提 (ti),横折 (heng zhe),竖钩 (shu gou), 一 Yi,二 Er,三 San,四 Si,八 Ba,十 Shi,人 Ren (1,2,3,4,8,10,people)

Language 1 (Reading: Strokes)
A.Speaking: 请坐 qing zuo,举手 Ju shou (please sit down, put up your hand)
B.Reading: 横折勾 Heng Zhe Gou
C.Speaking: 桌子 Zhuo Zi,椅子 Yi Zi (Table, chair)

3.Culture to cover
Mother’s Day 母亲节
Make and colour your present to mummy!

-Practice greetings including 请坐 qing zuo,举手 Ju shou (please sit down, put up your hand)
-Practice strokes we learnt: 横,竖,撇,捺,点, 提,横折,竖钩, 横折勾
-Practice reading:一,二,三,四,八,十,人
-Practice writing (optional only for older students): 一,二,三,四,八,人, 大,十
-Practice finding the opposite: 大,小,高,矮 ,快,慢(big, small, tall, short, fast, slow)
-Practice ‘Ta Shi’: He is, she is in Chinese. ‘Zhe shi’, ‘Na Shi’: This is; That is