2021-2022 T3W1 Preschool课堂内容及家庭作业 23/04/2022

2022年04月23日 2021-2022 T3W1 Preschool课堂内容及家庭作业 23/04/2022

Repeat class rules: 1. Indoor voice 2. Golden rules: Be nice, be kind 3. Raise hands before talking/asking 4. No food, toy during the class 5. When the yellow bell rings, back to the seat.
Class system: Star of the week

Greetings: Hello; Thank you; You are welcome; Sorry; Byebye‘你好,谢谢,不客气,对不起,没关系,再见, 举手
Video: 你好歌

Colour: 红,黄,绿 ,蓝色, 橙色, 金色,银色,黑色(red, yellow, green, blue, orange, gold, silver,black)
Video: 颜色歌

Plenary 2: Talk about favourite fruits and their colours

眼睛,耳朵,鼻子,嘴巴,头发,身体,肩膀,膝盖,脚 (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, body, shoulder, knee)
Group dance: Head, shoulder, knees in Mandarin

反义词:大,小,高,矮 ,快,慢(big, small, tall, short, fast, slow)
Video: 反义词歌

家人 Family members

2.Culture to cover(20 minutes): Panda
What shapes can you find on a panda? What colour is the panda? What colour is panda’s favourite food?

Homework (will be tested during assessments at the beginning of next lesson):
-Practice greetings including ‘please sit down’ 请坐(qing zuo)
-Speaking: Look and Listen: Kan, Ting; Table: Zhuo Zi; Chair: Yi Zi; Bed: Chuang; Light: Deng; Wen: Smell
-Practice finding the opposite: 大,小,高,矮 ,快,慢(big, small, tall, short, fast, slow)