2021-2022 Term3 W2 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(30/04/2022)

2022年05月01日 2021-2022 Term3 W2 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(30/04/2022)

快乐汉语 第八课《我想送她一个礼物》教学内容(30/04/2022)
Happy Chinese Lesson 8 ” I want to give her a present ” Teaching Contents (30/04/2022)
1、复习Review:看图说出中文Look at the picture and speak Chinese
The dictation is all right:Xia Yinghao, , Huang Kaiwen, You Yihao, Wang Huiyi、Chen Jiren
3、学习快乐汉语第八课《我想送他一个礼物》生字、词:“照相机camera、日本Japan、更even,more、问to ask、孙女granddaughter、太太Mrs,madam、礼物gift,present、应该should、清楚to be clear about;to understand、百货商场department store、购物shopping、条 a measure word、裙子skirt、忘to forget、可爱cute,lovely、头发hair、先first,in advance”
4、重点句型Key sentence pattern
1) A比B更……(形容词)
例:这个比那个更好This is better than that
他的房间比我的房间更舒服His room is more comfortable than mine
例:她问我送什么好?She asked me what to give?

我问她喜欢什么音乐?I asked her what music she likes?

She bought a camera for her granddaughter
She bought a camera for her granddaughter in Japan
Translate sentences and short essays, practice dialogue, and replace sentences

1、快乐汉语练习册: P52-56 Happy Chinese Workbook: P51-56
2、下列句子和字词各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写 “我不清楚这个照相机是不是日本的” “这个应该比那个更好” “马太太先去百货商场给孙女买了一条裙子作为礼物”“购物、可爱、头发、忘”(Copy the following sentences and words three times each and translate them. Dictation next week )
3、参加YCT考试的同学完成《真题集》试卷三、四。Students who took the YCT exam completed the third and fourth papers of the “YCT4 book”