year one homework 22.05.22 一年级家庭作业

2022年05月22日 year one homework 22.05.22 一年级家庭作业

1 复习-我们复习了之前的日常用语和一些我们学过的生字。
2 本节课新内容:
今天我们的中文课学 “快乐汉语”第一册 继续复习学习第四课和第五课动物生字部分。新课内容:我们学习了 “动物的叫法:猫,狗,金鱼,鸟,马,熊猫,猴子“继续巩固复习上节课”这,那,爸爸,妈妈和句型”那是妈妈,这是爸爸;;还有 “我,你,他、她 “的用法 我们继续学习 问“你家在哪儿”?他、她家在哪儿?你家在哪儿?结合我们之前学过的口语:“你好,你好,我叫。。。,你是哪国人?她是哪国人?你家在哪儿”?他家在哪儿?进行句型的扩展练习。能够认读:北京,上海,香港 并带入句型中。‘’我家在北京、上海、香港”在课堂上简单介绍了一下儿话音的发音;对话进行了 个人,小组,老师对个人的整体练习。要求同学们能够做到 听说 读写 :这是爸爸,那是妈妈,你家在哪儿?我家,你家,“我是中国人”我叫。。。。;你好吗?我很好”

3 家庭作业:
1. 练习册 第17,19,20,21,22页2,5,6,7.8,9 题需要做
2. 练习本上各写 3 遍 “哥哥” “姐姐””
3. 阅读 教材 第1-4课 课文和句型
4. 和家里人练习对话:你喜欢什么动物?我喜欢。。。。。他、她是谁?他是。。。 你好,你好; 你好吗?我很好。 你是哪国人? 他、她是哪国人?我叫。。。。,你叫什么?他叫什么?我是中国人/英国人/美国人;你家在哪儿?我家在北京/上海/香港;

Teaching content:
We reviewed the previous daily phrases and some new words that we have learned.
This lesson contains the following new material:
During today’s Chinese class, we will continue to learn Lesson 4 and will be reviewing the lesson three from “Happy Chinese.” In the lesson, We learned animals name : dog, cat, bird, horse, panda, fish and continued to revise previous lesson “this, that dad and mum and sentence “this is dad; that is mum” and the difference between this and that. How to use “I ,you, he/she”. Continued to asked “Where is your home”? Combined with the spoken language we learned before: Hi, hello, what’s your name? Where are you from? Extend your sentence. Identify and read Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and bring it into the sentence pattern. “My family lives in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.”. In class, I briefly introduced Er’s pronunciation; the dialogue was handled by individuals, groups, and the whole class. The students should be able to read, write and listen to the following: my family, you, my name is…; how are you? I’m fine” can use “Where” in a sentence (Where is my mother? Where is my father? Where is the book?…)

3 Homework:
1. Questions 2,5,6,7,8,9 on pages 17-22 of the workbook need to be done
2. Write “brother and sister” (哥哥) (姐姐) 3 times in the exercise book
3. Reading Textbook Lesson 1-4
4. Practice conversations with family members: “what animal do you like? I like ……..; Who is he? Who is she? ”hello, hello; how are you? I’m very good. MY NAME IS,……, what is your name?what is his name?what country are you from? I’m Chinese/British/American; where is your home? My home is in Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong