2021-2022 Term3 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2022年06月25日 2021-2022 Term3 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文第四册 第13课《月亮上有什么》教学内容(25/06/2022)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 13 Teaching Content of “what’s there on the moon” (25/06/2022)

Review: Read English and speak Chinese
2、听写全对的有:夏英豪、王慧仪、尤弋豪、王宇丞、陈济仁The dictation is all right:Xia Yinghao, Wang Huiyi,You Yihao, Wang Yucheng, Chen Jiren
3、继续学习《月亮上有什么what’s there on the moon》。提问:什么人什么时候登上
了月球?宇航员是怎样登上月球的?在月球上宇航员看到了什么?做了些什么?when and who landed the moon? How did astronauts land on the moon? What did astronauts see on the moon? what did they do?

4、学习字词Learn words:非常very much、安静quiet、世界world、小时hour、安全safe。偏旁部首Radicals “田”—-界、男、电
5、接龙朗读课文并翻译。Solitaire reads the text aloud and translates
6、观看“神州五号”发射的视频,了解中国航天的发展历史Watch the video of the “Shenzhou V” launch and learn about the history of China’s aerospace development
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points

1、中文练习册B Chinese WorkbookB: P99-P103
2、下列词各抄三遍,并翻译。下周听写: 非常very much、安静quiet、世界world、小时hour、安全safe(Copy the following words three times each and translate them. Dictation next week )
3、作文《我的梦想》, 写作要求:介绍你的梦想是什么(一个或者多个)?通过一件或几件事写为什么你有这个梦想以及如何为了梦想而努力。Essay “My Dream”, writing requirements: Introduce what is your dream (one or more)? Write through one or a few things why you have dreams and how to work towards them.