2022-2023 T1W01学前班Reception教学内容及家庭作业 17-09-2022

2022年09月17日 2022-2023 T1W01学前班Reception教学内容及家庭作业 17-09-2022

1. 自我介绍,大家互相认识。 Introduce ourselves and get to know each other.
你好 (hello), 你叫什么名字?(What is your name?)
老师 (teacher),谢谢 (thank you ), 再见(good-bye)

2. 复习:通过字卡提示,复习部分已经学过的字,词。
Review: vocabulary cards are used to review all the learned words.

(1) 数字(numbers)
(2) 身体部位(body parts)
(3) 家庭成员(family members)
(4) 颜色(colours)

3. 课堂儿歌
Sing nursery rhymes, revision

4. 活动:组队。(拿到相同卡片的同学做成一对,进行朗读练习)
Activity: Pair up. (Children pair up with the same flash card, and practice the pronunciation)

5. 复习书写 Practice writing characters
一 二 三 四 五 八 十

6. 家庭作业:练习汉字和礼貌用语
Homework: Practice Chinese Characters and greeting vocabulary.