2022-2023 Term1 W5 Preschool教学内容及家庭作业

2022年10月16日 2022-2023 Term1 W5 Preschool教学内容及家庭作业

Lesson content:
1.Revision: Contents from last week :
Hello Song (LittleFox: Hello) 你好歌
Vocabulary: Greetings: Hello; Goodbye; Thank you; You are welcome; I am sorry; It is OK; Hello, Teacher (extra from last lesson: Hug, very good)
礼貌用语:你好,谢谢, 不客气,对不起,没关系,老师好
Strokes / Bi Hua (撇,竖,横,捺,点,提, 横折,竖钩)
Reading: 一,二,三,四,八, 十,口,日,目,人, 大,天,干
Speaking: 1-20 / colour and shape: 红色,白色,正方形,三角形,圆形,菱形,心形,星星, 梯形,椭圆形,六边形
-Colour 颜色:黑色,紫色,金色,银色,蓝色

Talk about age: How old are you? I am…. 你多大?我。。。岁
Group discussion: What did I do for my birthday? How old are you? 小组讨论:我今年多大了,我生日怎么过的
-Music time (Listen only): 数字歌 1- 40
-Plenary: Group activity:Rounds of hide and seek, while counting down in Chinese from 1-30 游戏:数数字捉迷藏

-Characters: 五 Five:Wu; 六 Six: Liu; 七 Seven: Qi

C.Writing: 五,六,七

Homework (preparation for next lesson):
-Practice greetings – will be tested at the beginning of next lesson
-Practice strokes and characters
-Practice numbers from 1 to 30
-Practice shapes and colours and shapes

Recognition list:
Remarkable efforts / Star students: Ivy, Charlotte