2022-2023 T1W05学前班Reception教学内容及家庭作业15-10-2022

2022年10月18日 2022-2023 T1W05学前班Reception教学内容及家庭作业15-10-2022


1. 学习句型:A: 我喜欢小猫和小鸟你呢?
B: 我喜欢小狗。
New content:
Sentence:A: I like cats and birds, what about you?
B: I like dogs.
• 学习小动物 猫 cat ,狗dog ,鸟bird, 鱼fish, 牛cow,羊sheep,狮子lion,老虎tiger.

2. 复习:通过字卡,图片提示复习。
Review: Using cards and pictures to review.

(1) 句型:A: 我喜欢中国, 你呢?
B: 我喜欢英国。
Sentence:A: I like China, what about you?
B: I like the UK.

(2) 句型:A: 你是哪国人? B: 我是中国人。
A: 他是哪国人? B: 他是英国人。
Sentence:A: What is your nationality? B: I’m Chinese.
B: What is his nationality? B: He is British.

(3) 国家 (Countries)
中国 China, 美国 America,澳大利亚 Australia,加拿大Canada ,英国 UK,法国France

(4) 身体部位 (Body parts)
头 head,脸 face,眼睛eye, 鼻子nose, 嘴巴mouth, 耳朵ears, 肩膀shoulder 手hand 膝盖 knees, 脚 feet

3. 活动:Activity:
• 小组口语练习(小组进行对话练习)
Group dialogue practice
• 展示出我喜欢的小动物
Point and show – My favourite animals.
• Game: Floor is Laver, Party Freeze Dance
• Body exercise- 摇摇体操

Homework: Practice the pronunciation of the above animals.
Also the new sentence.