2022-2023 Term1 W7 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2022年11月05日 2022-2023 Term1 W7 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文 第三课《凡尔赛宫》教学内容(05/11/2022)
Chinese Lesson 3 “The Palace of Versailles” (05/11/2022)
2、听写vocabulary test。听写全对的有:沈子芳、马宝宝、邱佑铭、何卓贤、侯逸霖、叶佳琪The students who have got the vocabulary test all correct are: zifang shen、baobao ma 、youming qiu 、zhuoxianhe、yilinhou、jiaqi ye
Watch the video to browse the beautiful scenery of the Palace of Versailles, introduce a new lesson — Chinese third lesson “The Palace of Versailles”, learn new words and words: “Royal Palace, Garden, Former, Country, Hall, These, Cultural Relics, Interesting, Mirror”.
4、重点句型:凡尔赛宫有七百多间大厅和房间(Yct4: “有”字句)
Key sentence pattern: There are more than 700 halls and rooms in the Palace of Versailles (Yct4: “有” sentence)
“多” is used after a quantifier to indicate a rough number
数 + 多 + 量 numeral+“多”+ classifier (in Chinese grammar)
例:一百多位同学 五十多张桌子 十多封信 一千多个客人
Example: more than 100 classmates, more than 50 tables, more than 10 letters, more than 1,000 guests
Structure combing (how the text introduces the Palace of Versailles): The first natural paragraph tells us what information: location, name, purpose

1、练习册A P18-25 Workbook A P18-25