2022-2023 Term1 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2022年11月19日 2022-2023 Term1 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文四册 第4课《晒太阳》 (19/11/2022)
Four Chinese Volumes Lesson 4 “Baking in the Sun” (19/11/2022)

1、复习Review: 以《颐和园》《凡尔赛宫》总结景物的描写:按照一定的顺序来描写,由内到外,由近到远,由远到近,由高至低,由低至高,或者是参观的先后顺序,加上对比,比喻,抒情。
The description of the scenery: described in a certain order, from the inside to the outside (this article), from near to far, from far to near, from high to low, from low to high, or the order of visit, plus contrast, metaphor , Lyrical.
2、听写vocabulary test。听写全对的有:沈子芳、叶佳琪、马宝宝、丘佑铭、侯逸霖The students who have got the vocabulary test all correct are: zifang shen、jiaqiye、youmingqiu、yilinhou
Take a picture of the solar system, learn about the distribution of the nine planets, find out where the sun is, its size compared to our earth, and its distance. Make a group of photos of sunbathing and ask questions: Do you like sunbathing? Why? In the UK, where do people like to bask in the sun? Introduce the course “Baking in the Sun”
4、学习字词句 “晒expose to sun 照shine 好处benefit 寻常usual 熟ripe 暖warm 才just 衣服clothes 健康healthy 被子quilt 太阳不晒草不绿without sunshine,the green grass can’t sprout” 学习偏旁部首“灬”
Key sentence: “不A, 不 B” ,two “不” are used together to express double negation.
例:不去不行 (如果不去就不行)If you don’t go, you can’t do it
不学不会 (如果不学就不会)If you don’t learn, you won’t
不看不知道 (如果不看就不知道)I don’t know if I don’t watch it
不来不给 (如果不来就不给)If you don’t come, don’t give it

1、练习册B Workbook B:P21-P32
2、朗读课文《晒太阳》发到微信群Read the text aloud and send it to the WeChat group
3、下周听写“照 熟 暖 好处 衣服 才健康 晒被子 好处不寻常 太阳不晒草不绿”