2022-2023 Term2 W2 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年01月14日 2022-2023 Term2 W2 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文第四册 第6课《猴子捞月亮》教学内容(14/01/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 6 Teaching Content of “Monkeys Try to Scoop up the Moon” (14/01/2023)

1、复习Review:看图说出中文Look at the picture and speak Chinese
3、学习字词Learn words:接receive挂to hang up、伸extend、刚just、碰collide、抬lift、下面downside
A、刚……就 (刚:副词adverb,用在复句里,后面用“就”呼应,表示两件事紧接
Used in complex sentences, followed by “just”, indicating that two things are immediately followed)
例:我刚来你就走了。I just came, and you went away.
她刚拿到杯子,就把它打碎了 She just now got the glass, and smashed it
B、月亮不是还在天上吗?Isn’t the moon in the sky?(“不是…吗”:表示反问,用来肯定“不是”后面的成分,有强调的意思Represents a rhetorical question, used to affirm the component behind “not”, with an emphasis on)
例:他不是很认真吗?Isn’t she so focused?
你不是想去公园玩儿吗?Don’t you want to play in the park?
5、找出第二自然段中所有的动词“爬 Climb、拉 Pull、接receive、挂 Hang、伸extend、捞scoop up 、碰collide、抬lift”。Find all the verbs in the second paragraph
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points
7、排练春节节目Practice Spring Festival Performance

1、中文练习册B Chinese Workbook B: P44—50
2、下周听写 :接到、伸手、抬头、“挂在最下面”、“手刚碰到水,月亮就不见了”、“月亮不是还在天上吗?”