2022-2023 GCSE 班 家庭作业 1月21日

2023年01月23日 2022-2023 GCSE 班 家庭作业 1月21日

教学内容 teaching contents:
详情请见see PPT PDF file文档

家庭作业 homework:

1.继续复习GCSE 生词表里的生词(要求:会读,会写)
You are writing a letter to your American friend to tell him how you celebrated the 2023 Chinese New Year with your families. Mention:
•what you did on the day
•what you know about the spring festival
•what will you do for next year’s celebration

Write approximately 150 Chinese characters.
Respond to all bullet points.

3. 阅读写作评分标准, 自己给上一篇作业(my hometown)评分。
Read the Mark Scheme. According to the mark scheme, mark your last paper (my hometown) by yourself. Write down your mark on the paper.