2022-2023 Term2 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年02月04日 2022-2023 Term2 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文第四册 第7课《春晓》教学内容(04/02/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 7 Teaching Content of “spring morning” (04/02/2023)
1、看图片讲猴子捞月的故事 Look at the picture and tell the story of”Monkeys Try to Scoop up the Moon”
2、复习第一课—–第六课中的重点句型,并造句 Revise lesson 1 – lesson 6’s important sentences
3、二十四节气之立春以及元宵节的习俗。The customs of the Beginning of Spring and the Lantern Festival 学习词语:节气Solar Terms立春Beginning of Spring元宵节Lantern Festival赏花灯enjoy the lights eat yuan xiao猜灯谜solve lantern riddles 吃元宵 eat yuan xiao
4、学习唐诗《春晓》。学习生字词Learn new words:晓daybreak;眠to sleep;闻to hear;啼to cry;落to fall;处处everywhere;不觉unconsciously
5、朗读,用自己的话说出诗的意思,题目告诉我们这首诗写在什么时间?作者是谁?做了什么?听到了什么?看到了什么?Say the meaning of the poem in your own words. when the poem was written. Who is the author? What did you do? What did you hear? What do you see?

1、中文练习册A Chinese Workbook A: P51-P57
2、朗读古诗,再把古诗大意写出来。Read the ancient poem and write the meaning of the poem
3、下周听写:晓daybreak;眠to sleep;闻to hear;啼to cry;落to fall;处处everywhere