2022-2023 GCSE 班 家庭作业 2月11日

2023年02月11日 2022-2023 GCSE 班 家庭作业 2月11日

教学内容 teaching contents:
详情请见see PPT PDF file文档

家庭作业 homework:

You are posting a message to the discussion forum of a Chinese gaming website.
•Whether you like playing computer games
•how often do you play computer games
•A game that you have played recently
•Anything that you are going to do differently in the future
Write approximately 75 Chinese characters. Respond to every bullet point.

You are campaigning against polluting the environment and want to write a short article for a Chinese website to reach a broader readership in China.
•what do people do to harm the environment, and how do you feel about this
•your opinion on what more people must do to protect the environment
Write approximately 125 Chinese characters. Respond to both bullet points.

2. 口语练习
Prepare the picture-based speaking questions, and get ready for the next lesson’s speaking practice.
See PHOTO for details.

3.继续复习GCSE 生词表里的生词(要求:会读,会写)