2022-2023 Term2 W6 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(11/02/2023)

2023年02月11日 2022-2023 Term2 W6 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(11/02/2023)

中文第四册 第7课《春晓》《悯农》教学内容(11/02/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 7 Teaching Content of 《 Spring Morning》《 To Sympathize with the Farmers》(11/02/2023)
1、背诵古诗《春晓》Memorise 《Spring Morning》
2、听写全对的有The students who have got the vocabulary test all correct are:周诗倩、沈子芳、叶佳琪、何卓贤、侯逸霖、丘佑铭
3、用英文来解释《春晓》的意思 Use english to explain spring morning
《春晓》这首诗表达了作者怎样的思想感情:生动地表达了诗人对春天的热爱和怜惜之情,珍惜春天,热爱春天。《Spring Morning》 expresses the author’s thoughts and feelings: vividly expresses the poet’s love and pity for spring, cherishes spring, loves spring
4、学习《悯农》。看图片介绍“一粒米的生长过程”,告诉我们米饭来之不易。Look at the picture to introduce “the growth process of a grain of rice” and tell us that rice is not easy to come by.看视频《悯农》,用自己的话概括视频里的内容。Watch the video 《 To Sympathize with the Farmers》 and summarize the content in the video in your own words
5、学习生字词Learn new words:悯农to sympathize with the farmers;当just;汗sweat;滴to drip;盘plate;餐meal 粒grain 皆all 辛苦hard working
6、朗读,用自己的话说出诗的意思Read aloud and say the meaning of the poem in your own words

1、中文练习册A Chinese Workbook A: P58-P66
2、背诵《春晓》《悯农》Memorise 《Spring Morning》《 To Sympathize with the Farmers》