2022-2023 Term2 W7 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(25/02/2023)

2023年02月25日 2022-2023 Term2 W7 五年级教学内容及家庭作业(25/02/2023)

中文第四册 第7课《春晓》《悯农》《山行》《绝句》教学内容(25/02/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 7 Teaching Content of 《 Spring Morning》《 To Sympathize with the Farmers》《Mountain Trip》《A quatrain》(25/02/2023)
1、背诵古诗《春晓》《悯农》Memorise 《Spring Morning》《 To Sympathize with the Farmers》
2、用英文来解释《悯农》的意思 Use english to explain spring morning
3、《悯农》这首诗告诉了我们农民的辛苦,提醒我们要珍惜粮食,不能浪费,要尊重农民的劳动成果。The poem “To Sympathize with the Farmer” tells us the hard work of farmers, reminds us to cherish food, not to waste it, and to respect the fruits of farmers’ labor
4、学习古诗《山行》《绝句》,用英文来解释,总结古今不同意思的字:“闻”——听,“坐”——因为,多音字“行” Learn the ancient poems “Mountain trip” and ” A quatrain “, explain them in English, and summarize the words with different meanings in ancient and modern times: “闻” — listen, “坐” — because, the polyphonic word “行”

1、继续做完中文练习册A Chinese Workbook A: P51-P66
4、下周听写:悯农to sympathize with the farmers;当just;汗sweat;滴to drip;盘plate;餐meal 粒grain 皆all 辛苦hard working