2022-2023 T2 W11 PRE – GCSE 家庭作业 25/03/2023

2023年03月25日 2022-2023 T2 W11 PRE – GCSE 家庭作业 25/03/2023

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找 to look for,to find
锻炼 to work out
爬山 to climb a mountain
将来 future
希望 to hope
年轻 young
邻居 neighbour
可能 perhaps,may
刮风 to be windy
还是 or
记得 to remember
热狗 hot dog
万 ten thousand
声音 voice
忘 to forget
差不多 almost
这样 in this way
歌手 singer
才 adverb to indicate the lateness of a past action
舞台 stage


1,练习本节课的词汇。(Practice vocabulary from today’s lesson)

Write 130 characters about a concert or other event.
Read Lily’s plan and essay for ideas.
Write a clear plan. Organise your answer in paragraphs.
Write your answer and carefully check what you have written.