2022-2023 Term3 W6 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年05月27日 2022-2023 Term3 W6 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文第四册 第12课《月亮上有什么》教学内容(27/05/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 12 Teaching Content of “what’s there on the moon” (27/05/2023)

2、学习新课《月亮上有什么what’s there on the moon》。学习字词Learn words:宇航员astronaut;第一次the first time;月球the moon;实现to achieve;人类humanity;梦想dream
1)一九六九年七月二十日,他们登上了月球On 20July, 1969, they landed on the moon
(汉语中年月日的表示方法是从大到小,先写年,再写月和日。可以用大写的数字表示,也可以用阿拉伯数字表示。The way to express the year, month and day in Chinese is from big to small, first write the year, then write the month and the day. Can be represented by uppercase numbers or by Arabic numerals)
4、接龙朗读课文并翻译。Solitaire reads the text aloud and translates
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points

1、下次听写: 第一次the first time;实现to achieve;人类humanity;梦想dream;一九六九年七月二十日,宇航员登上了月球On July 20, 1969, astronauts landed on the moon。
2、以《我的假期》为题,写一篇关于这次half term生活的短文,尽可能用上学过的词语,请用上“除了……还;因为……所以;不但……而且;虽然……但是”等连词。短文要包含以下几点:1、假期过得怎么样? 2、假期是怎么安排的?请写出一件或两件你认为有趣或者难忘的事 3、最后再次总结一下你对于这一次假期的感受?Write a short paragraph about your life in this half term with the title 《My holiday》. Try to use the words as you have learned. Please use “Except…… Also; Because…… So; Not only…… but also; Although ” The short paragraph should contain the following points:1. How was your holiday? 2. How is the holiday arranged? Please write down one or two things that you think are interesting or memorable. Finally, summarize your feelings about this vacation again.