2022-2023 Term3 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年06月24日 2022-2023 Term3 W9 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文四册总复习general revision(24/06/2023)
1、讲解作业,复习“的 地 得”的用法
2、端午节的来历和习俗The origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival。学习词语Learn words:端午节Dragon Boat Festival、屈原Qu Yuan 、粽子riceballs、赛龙舟dragon boat races、香包fragrant pouch
3、总复习《中文》第四册general review of Chinese Book 4

1、下周期末考试,请大家认真复习中文第四册The final exam of the next week, please review the Chinese Book 4 carefully
2、给远方的亲人或朋友写一封信作为这次期末考试的写作题,参照中文第一课的写信格式,请包含以下几点 1、告诉对方你在学习中文,你喜欢中文吗?为什么?2、你最喜欢中文课本里的哪一篇课文?课文讲的是什么?你学到了什么?最后,暑假就要来了,你有什么打算?有没有游玩计划或者学习计划?
Write a letter to your friend or family member who lives far away like it is a writing exam, and follow the structure and style of lesson 1 in the chinese book
In your letter, include the following points:
1.Tell your friend/family member you are learning chinese, and if you like chinese or not, and why?
2.Which topic you liked the most in the chinese book
3.What was in that topic? (e.g if you liked the monkey scooping the moon story the most, describe what happens in the story)
4.What you learnt in that topic
5.The holidays are coming soon, do you have any plans? Do you have any plans to go on vacation or have any study plans?