2022-2023 T3W12 Pre-GCSE 教学内容及家庭作业 15/07/2023

2023年07月17日 2022-2023 T3W12 Pre-GCSE 教学内容及家庭作业 15/07/2023

教学内容详情请见班级群pdf 文档.

Homework 家庭作业:
1.复习重要语言点(Review Key Language):p 102-103
我的家 My house
家具 Household items
我住的地方 Where I live
城市主要建筑 Places in town
资源和环境问题 Resources and environmental issues
回收和保护环境 Recycling and protecting the environment
形容词 useful adjectives
2.GCSE Chinese 词汇
3.Write an article about your summer holiday
.the reasons that you like or dislike to go on holidays
.a recent holiday or weekend break in the UK or abroad
. whether you prefer to go on holiday with family or friends
. your plan for the summer holidays next year