2023-2024 Term1 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年09月30日 2023-2024 Term1 W4 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文四册 第二课《颐和园》教学内容(30/09/2023)
Four Chinese Volumes Lesson 2 ” The Summer Palace “Teaching Plan (30/09/2023)

1复习上周所学字词Review the words learned last week
2听写vocabulary test。听写全对的有:雯绚、凯轩、婉鑫、梓睿、中乔、凯伦
学习生字、词:“美丽、西北、完、登、名字、景色、岸、岛、中心、万寿山、昆明湖”,字的结构,读音,组词、造句,延伸:相同偏旁部首的字,同音字等, (结合YCT4—-用在数词后的量词:一个公园、一条走廊,一片绿色,一座桥,一封信)
Learn new words:“美丽beautiful、西北northwest、完finish、登Ascend、名字name、景色scenery、岸shore、岛island、中心centre、万寿山Longevity Hill、昆明湖Kunming Lake” (Combined with YCT4-the quantifier used after the numeral: a park, a corridor, a piece of green, a bridge, a letter)
Put the word palindrome and summarize the main idea in paragraphs. The first paragraph: The location and purpose of the Summer Palace (previously a royal garden, built by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for his mother) The second paragraph: Find out which attractions are in the Summer Palace (Pictures: Long Corridor, Longevity Mountain, Kunming Lake, small island)
Find scenic spots on the route map and deepen your understanding of the space of the Summer Palace.

1、练习册B :P1、P3、P4、P5
2、下周要听写的词语Vocabulary test next week:美丽beautiful、西北northwest、走完finish walking、登上Ascend、名字name、景色scenery、岸边shore、小岛island、中心centre,以上词语请认真复习,要求会读、会写、会翻译。