2023-2024 Term1 W5 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年10月07日 2023-2024 Term1 W5 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文4 第二课《颐和园》教学内容(07/10/2023)
Chinese 4 The second lesson “The Summer Palace” teaching content (07/10/2023)
1. Review: Solitaire read the first and second paragraphs of the text aloud, mark the name of the scenic spot on the panorama, and then use the sentence “first…, then…, then…, then…, and finally. ..” Connect each scenic spot to form a commentary of your own tour guide.
Review: look at pictures and guess words or words and make sentences
3、听写vocabulary test。听写全对的有:雯绚、婉鑫、梓睿、依哲、凯伦
Learn new characters and words: “along, from…to…, seat, bridge, column, lion, vivid, very, lovely, ah, Longevity Mountain, Kunming Lake”, the structure of the word, pronunciation, grouping of words , Sentence formation, extension: words with the same radicals, etc., (Combined with YCT4: Adverbs to express the degree— ten, very, too, most, very, more, how, extremely, more and more; modal particle:?, a, this, bar, ah; exclamatory sentence: true, too , How, great)
5、重点句型:这儿的景色可真美啊!(这是一句感叹句,表达强烈的思想感情) 感叹词的搭配:太…了 ; 真…啊 ; …极了。用“好听”“香”“有趣”“可爱”“好吃”“大”说几个感叹句
Key sentence pattern: The scenery here is so beautiful! (This is an exclamation sentence, expressing strong thoughts and feelings) The collocation of interjections: too…; really…ah; …extremely. Say a few exclamatory sentences with “good-sounding”, “fragrant”, “interesting”, “cute”, “delicious” and “big”
Study the third and fourth paragraphs of the text. Complete the layout of the second half of the scenic spots.

1、 练习册B :P9、P12、P13 、P14、P15、P16