Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年11月19日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

2023年11月22日 Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年11月19日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

This week, we have revised up to ten colors that we have learned, and we also introduced new colours: grey (灰色huī sè), silver (银色yín sè), and gold (金色jīn sè). Benefiting from a small class size, we focused on games and conversations between children. For example, Child A holds a color card and asks Child B, “What is this color?” (这是什么颜色?zhè shì shí me yán sè). Child B answers: “Blue/This is blue” (蓝色/这是蓝色zhè shì lán sè).

We also reviewed common opposite words, including tall and short (高和矮gāo hé ǎi), long and short (长和短chǎng hé duǎn), and big and small (大和小dà hé xiǎo), by comparing objects of different sizes. Meanwhile, we practiced listening skills through a game. For instance, the teacher asked a child to use the learning materials to make a long and a short object. The children then started to create and tell the teacher which was long or short, big and small, tall and short.

For revision of Chinese numbers, each child played matching board games. As parents, it would be good to practise the matching numbers game with child at home by using flashcard 1-10 to match Chinese number 一to 十, or play wordwall game if you preferred.

For homework:

1. Practice Chinese numbers 1-10 through book , also the Wordwall game (see the attached link below or use the previously sent flashcards).

2. Practice colors we have learnt thought wordwall

3. Conversation practice: “What’s this color? ( zhè shì shí me yán sè ?) This is blue/yellow. (zhè shì lán sè/huáng sè) ”
4. Conversation practice: “Which is tall/short, big/small, long/short (compare between two objects) (nà gè gāo /ǎi , dà xiǎo ,chǎng /duǎn )? This is tall/short, big/small, long/short.”( zhè gè gāo /ǎi , dà xiǎo ,chǎng /duǎn).