2023-2024 Term1 W11 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

2023年11月25日 2023-2024 Term1 W11 五年级教学内容及家庭作业

中文第四册 第5课《小马过河》教学内容(25/11/2023)
Chinese Book 4 Lesson 5 Teaching Content of “Little Horse Crossing the River” (25/11/2023)

Review: Look at the picture and retell the text “Baking in the Sun”
Watch the video about the story of the pony crossing the river and answer the questions: 1. What will the pony do? 2. For whom can the pony cross the river? 3. How did Uncle Niu answer? 4. Who came when the pony was about to cross the river? What did you say? 5. Why do Lao Niu and Little Squirrel say differently? 6. What did Xiao Ma do next? 7. In the end, does the pony think the river is deep or shallow? Why?
4、学习字词Learn words:喝to drink、深deep、浅shallow、正在Being、该怎么办what should I do、伯伯uncle、突然suddenly、只好to have to、那么that、一定surely、最好had better”
Combine classroom exercises to consolidate knowledge points

1、下周听写 “牛伯伯正在喝水 、深 、浅、 该怎么办 、 突然、 只好、 那么、 一定、 最好”
2、写作:要求详见微信群Writing: See wechat group for details