Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年11月26日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

2023年11月27日 Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年11月26日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

This week, we learned a few new vocabularies including “year” (年), “month” (月), and “day” (日). Our children practiced reading through practicing whole sentences, such as 26th Nov 2024 (二零二四年十一月二十六日).

We also revised the words we have learned so far through games and activities during the lesson. Please see the attached flashcard for further revision.

For homework:

1. Practice reading the flashcard I’ve attached in the PDF.
2. Practice reading the date/month/year through the flashcard and Wordwall game;
3. Practice reading the days of the week through the Wordwall game or flashcard;
4. Practice weather recognition through the Wordwall game and also practice conversation. For example, point to the picture and ask: “What’s the weather? 这是什么天气?” The child should be able to respond: “This is a sunny day. (这是晴天).