Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年12月03日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

2023年12月04日 Sevenoaks 幼儿A班 2023年12月03日 课程内容及家庭作业 — Review & Homework

This week, we did a revision of the content we covered this term, including numbers, colors, greeting conversations, weather, and so on. We also learned the basic eight shapes in Chinese through the Shape Song and games. They are circle (圆形 yuán xíng), triangle (三角形 sān jiǎo xíng), square (正方形 zhèng fāng xíng), rectangle (长方形 cháng fāng xíng), oval (椭圆形 tuǒ yuán xíng), pentagon (五边形 wǔ biān xíng), heart (爱心/心形 xīn xíng), and star (星星/星形 xīng xíng).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Chinese New Year celebration is at the beginning of February. As a tradition in our Chinese school, it will be a big celebration on our campus, including a lion dance, professional performances, and our children’s performances. Every class will have a chance to perform on the stage. It’s an incredible opportunity for our children to have a better understanding of Chinese culture through activities, shows, and performances. If your child or family would like to perform something, we would love to have you. It can be anything as long as it’s for fun! Please let me know if you are interested. For our reception A class, we are planning to have two acts. One is to sing the traditional New Year song: 《新年好》 (xīn nián hǎo), and the other one is to sing the famous Chinese poem 《春晓》 (chūn xiǎo). Please help our children practice during the holiday, and we will also practice during the lesson time.

For homework:

1.Practice the flashcards I sent last week for continuous revision.
2.Practice the shape flashcards I’ve attached this week.
3. Wordwall practice on shapes.
4. Practice the songs we will sing during the Chinese New Year celebration:
《新年好》 (xīn nián hǎo):
《春晓》 (chūn xiǎo):