2023-2024 Reception A 教学内容及家庭作业24-02-2024

2024年02月26日 2023-2024 Reception A 教学内容及家庭作业24-02-2024

Lesson content:
Revision after half term break
Vocabulary (Speaking and Listening):
-礼貌用语:你好,谢谢, 不客气,对不起,没关系,老师好,早上好,晚上好,晚安
Ni Hao: Hello ; Xie Xie: Thank you; Bu Ke Qi: You are welcome; Du bu qi: I am sorry; Mei Guan Xi: It is ok; Lao Shi Hao: Hello Teacher; Zao Shang Hao: Good morning; Wan Shang Hao: Good evening; Wan An: Good night
colour and shape: 黑色 black: Hei Se; 紫色 Purple: Zi Se,金色 Gold: Jin Se,银色 Sliver: Yin Se,蓝色 Bule: Lan Se, 红色 Red: Hong Se,白色 White: Bai Se
Families: 家人: 爸爸 Father: Ba Ba,妈妈 Mother: Ma Ma,姐姐 Older sister: Jie Jie,弟弟 Younger brother: Di Di,宝宝 Baby: Bao Bao
-桌子 Table:Zhuo Zi ; 椅子 Chair:Yi Zi ; 灯 light: Deng; 窗户Window: Chuang Hu;橱 cupboard: Chu
– counting: 1-30
一,二,三,四,五,六,七,八,九,十,水,木,火,土,人,大,天, 上,下,长,中,小, 金 Jin: Gold; 门 Men: Door; 床 Bed: Chuang ; 开 open: Kai; 关 Close: Guan; 短 Short: Duan 白 White: Bai 红 Red: Hong ; 手 Hand: Shou;飞 Fly: Fei; 鸟 Bird: Niao; 马 Ma: Horse ; 云 Cloud: Yun; 日day: Ri ; 月 Moon: Yue; 山 mountain: Shan; 石 Rock/stone: Shi;风 Wind: Feng; 龙 Dragon: Long,年 Year: Nian,春 Spring: Chun

New content:
Reading and writing:
节Festival (sometimes can mean joint): Jie,舟 boat (small boat): Zhou;灯Light: Deng

元宵节 Lantern festival: Yuan Xiao Jie; 比赛 match, race, competition: Bi Sai

Homework (preparation for next lesson):
-Practice greetings – will be tested at the beginning of next lesson
-Complete writing homework
-Practice numbers from 1-30
-Practice all words in reading, Vocabulary and new content

Recognition list:
Star students: Elli Zhou

Lesson video:
Please see related videos from the last lesson before half term.