2018年01月20日 Y2-二年级20/01/2018教学内容和作业

1)听写“吃面包”,“喝牛奶”和“早上”。张海乐,王宇丞,叶永恒,黄健明,何卓贤这5位同学能全部听写出这8个新单词. Olivia and Rebecca 两位同学不会写。检查3 首《对韵诗》背诵情况。check the familiarity and fluency of DuiYunGe. 本周特别表扬 王宇丞,李晨曦,何卓贤。这三位同学能完全自己背诵3首。they can recite it by themselves independently
2)学习本单元的重点句型,见课本第41页。按照句型口头和笔头造句。3 sentence patterns,see P41 4-6. students were required to make sentences oval and on writing, following the patterns.
3) 学习写新单词“汽水”,“要”,“水果”和“茶”.learn how to write new words “汽水”,“要”,“水果”和“茶”
4) 做练习和检查所有同学课本第8课的作业。(Students books&check all students’book lesson 8)
5) 学习新单词拼音。learn how to spell new words’ pinyin

作业 homework:
1,完成练习册上第八课的所有练习题。finish all the practice papers lesson 8 in the practice book from page 45-51.
2.听写“要,水果,汽水,茶”六个字。Spelling: “要,水果,汽水,茶”。kids should at least write out six words: “要,水果,汽水,茶”。

1)请督促、帮助孩子检查书包,带好写字本和笔。please remind you child to bring two copies of book, writingbook, and pencil. 2)到学校上课不需要携带字卡和CD,只需要课本、练习册、写字本和笔。no needs to bring the CD and flash cards to school but do use them to help the learning at home.
3)我们班里的纪律其中有一条是上课期间不可以上厕所,知会家长,请督促孩子课前和课间解决。Y2 will not allowed kids go toilet during lesson. Do remind your child to do it before and in the break.