23.03 2019 Preschool class 学龄前班

2019年03月26日 23.03 2019 Preschool class 学龄前班

暖场歌曲:悯农 / 对不起没关系
复习食物:米饭,饺子, 面条,春卷
句型: 我喜欢吃饺子。
复习数字: 一 到五
识字:目/ 眼睛
活动:1. 说唱五官
2. 吹泡泡 (小朋友试着抓泡泡,并数数能抓到几个)
3. 数字 炸弹 (小朋友选一个数字为炸弹,若翻到那数字所有的人都要躺倒在地上)
4. 手工:怪兽的脸
5. 儿歌:两只老虎

Warm up songs: Chinese poem / Sorry, that’s okay
Review: rice, noodles , dumplings, Spring roll
Sentence: I like to eat …..
My face
Words: eyes, ears, nose, mouth
Sentence: My ……
Review Numbers 1 -5
Chinese Character learning: 目
New words: hands, feet
New conversation: please be quite / please raise your hand
Activities: 1. Rap:My Face
2. Blowing bubbles ( children try to catch bubble on their hands then count how many do you get)
3. Create a monster face ( 2 eyes, or 3 noses…etc)
4. Number bomb ( we choose a number as bomb, if the children gets the number flashcard, all of us will fall down on the floor)
5. Song: Two tigers
Homework: Colour or trace目