Reception 学前班教学内容和家庭作业28/09/2019

2019年09月30日 Reception 学前班教学内容和家庭作业28/09/2019

1.利用上周学习的句型 “你叫什么?” “我叫……” 点名。
Practiced “What’s your name” “I’m ……” from last week during our registration.

Reviewed Hello, Goodbye,Good morning,Good afternoon and Good evening.

3.互动活动:找词语,播放儿歌“早上好,晚上好” 让小朋友们说出词语并解释出英文的含义。
Activities: Spot the words.Played nursery rhymes”Good moring,Good evening” let kids spoke out words they recognised and explained the meaning of English.

Learnt nursery rhymes “Greeting friend” to understand the meaning of friend in Chinese.

5.对话游戏:你好/ 早上好/晚上好,我叫…… 很高兴认识你,再见。
Role play: Had conversation between every two kids to learn how to greet new friend when they met. Hello/Good morning/Good evening,I’m……Nice to meet you,Goodbye.

Story time:Hello.Everyone together talked about and all the characters in the story.

汉语乐园 Chinese Paradise 1A Unit 2 Counting

No.nine and ten. Fingers song: nine fingers turn to hooks, ten fingers turn to rocks. Demonstrated finger number in Chinese way.

8.介绍汉字的笔画 点,横,竖,撇,捺。
Introduced Chinese character strokes:丶, 一,丨,丿,ㄟ.

9.家庭作业 把汉字六至十涂色并把笔画“一”图红色。
Homework:Colour in No.6-10 and try to colour stroke “一” in red.


Thank you!