Y4 四年级教学内容 11/01/2020 WEEK1

2020年01月11日 Y4 四年级教学内容 11/01/2020 WEEK1

教学内容 teaching contents

Summarize the exam we did the last term
普遍犯错的词 common mistakes
【1】传(chuán) 传染 pass/spread/【2】传(zhuàn) 传记 biography
【1】 只(zhī) 一只(measure word) 【2】只(zhǐ) 只有only/just
吃饭 eat/have a meal 童话 fairy tale 呢(ne) 叔叔 uncle
量(liáng)体(tǐ)温(wēn) 量(量 – 二声 second tone)
2.新字学习 the new words
知(zhī) – 知(zhī) 道(dào) know/be aware of 变(biàn) – 变(biàn)成(chéng) turn into/ change to
汽(qì) – 蒸(zhēng)汽(qì)steam 汽(qì)车(chē) car 飘(piāo) – 飘(piāo) 落(luò) drift and fall slowly 飘动 (piāo dòng)drift/flutter
冷(lěng) – 冷(lěng)风(fēng) cold wind 很(hěn)冷(lěng) very cold 珠(zhū)- 雨(yǔ)珠(zhū) raindrop 珍(zhēn)珠(zhū) pearl
3.造句 Make sentences
知(zhī)道(dào) 变(biàn)成(chéng)
4. 中国新年节目祝福语practice speaking lines for Chinese New Year performance
5. 练习新年节目 practice Chinese New Year performance dancing
家庭作业 Homework
1.练习册A P31 – P37 Practice Book A P31-P37
2. 新学的字每个练习5遍 下周听写
Write new characters 5 times each,we will do a spelling test next week
3.请练习春节祝福语 please practice the speaking lines for Chinese new year performance
4. 请家长在考卷上签名,下周交回 please ask a parent to sign the test paper and hand back in next week