2021-2022 term 1 week 8 Reception 课堂内容及课后作业

2021年11月06日 2021-2022 term 1 week 8 Reception 课堂内容及课后作业

Date: 06-11-2021 Year group:reception
Lesson content:
Target of this week :识字 妈妈 爸爸 姐姐 哥哥 (Students are able to recognize the phrases of mum, dad, older sister, older brother)
Warm up: 五只猴子 ( 5 little monkeys)
1. Revision
– 复习地方词语:学校 公园 车站 图书馆 超市 (Review places phrases: school, park, bus stop, library , supermarket)
2. New content
汉语乐园 第六课 (Lesson 6)
词语:爸爸 妈妈 姐姐 哥哥 宝宝 花园 厨房
Phrase: dad, mum, sister, brother, baby, garden, kitchen
Sentence: Where is mum? Mum is in the kitchen.
(Target: students are able to say Mum is in the kitchen)

1. 五只猴子的角色扮演 (role play: 5 little monkeys)
2. 词语和图片配对
3. A: 图片和字卡配对 (骰子) B: 字卡配对
A: flash card match with the phrases using the dice
B: Phrases card match with Phrases card)

4. 听指令 :老师说 妈妈在厨房小朋友把妈妈的图片放在厨房
Listen to the instructions : (Students have one family member card in their hands and listen to the instruction then put the family member card to the right place flash card)
5. 猜一猜 ( 盒子道具)
Guessing game ( Teacher put one family member card and a place flash card in a box, student can open the flips on the box )
6. 手指谣
(family finger rhyme)

作业 Homework
– 学习单 (phrase search)