2021-2022 Term2 W4 GCSE

2022年01月29日 2021-2022 Term2 W4 GCSE

课堂内容Lesson contents
1.用游戏复习重要词汇 Review the key vocabularies by game.
2.复习程度副词和它们的应用。Review the adverbs of degree and their applications.
3.程度副词的翻译练习。 Translation exercises for adverbs of degree
4.同学们一起复习“媒体” 话题里的 “手机”和“上网” 两个分话题。
Review the “phone ” and “internet” two sub-topics in the “Media” topic
5. “媒体“话题的阅读练习 Reading exercises about “Media” topic
6.复习频率副词,并用此描述日常生活。 Review the adverbs of frequency, use them to describe the daily life.
家庭作业 Homework
请大家完成表格, 下堂课我们会讨论。
Please finish the form, we will discuss it in the next lesson.