2023-2024 Reception A 教学内容及家庭作业 06-01-2024

2024年01月08日 2023-2024 Reception A 教学内容及家庭作业 06-01-2024

Revision from last term:
Vocabulary (Speaking and Listening):
Names: My name is….
-礼貌用语:你好,谢谢, 不客气,对不起,没关系,老师好,早上好,晚上好,晚安
Ni Hao: Hello ; Xie Xie: Thank you; Bu Ke Qi: You are welcome; Du bu qi: I am sorry; Mei Guan Xi: It is ok; Lao Shi Hao: Hello Teacher; Zao Shang Hao: Good morning; Wan Shang Hao: Good evening; Wan An: Good night
-Numbers: 1 – 30
-Zuo: Sit; Qing Zuo: Please sit down
-Kai: Open; Guan: Close
-The opposites 反义词:长 Chang: Long,短 Duan: Short, 大 Da: Big 小 Xiao: Small, 上Up: Shang, 下 Down: Xia
-Jia: Home; Jia Ren: Families
-Qing: Please
-Qing Jin: Please come in
-Huan Ying: Welcome to
-Body parts: Yan Jing: Eyes; Er Duo: Ears; Zui Ba: mouth; Bi Zi: Nose; Pi Fu: Skin; Tou Fa: Hair; Shou: Hand; Jian Bang: Shoulder; Jiao: Food; Xi Gai: Knee
-Shapes: 圆形,三角形,正方形,菱形,心形,星星
Yuan Xing: Round ; San Jiao Xing: Triangle; Zheng Fang Xing: Square; Ling Xing: Dimond; Xin Xing: Heart; Xing Xing: Star
-Colour: Red: Hong Se; White: Bai Se; Blue: Lan Se; Gold: Jin Se; Silver: Yin Se; Black: Hei Se; Green: Lv Se; Yellow: Huang Se

门 Men: Door; 床 Bed: Chuang ; 开 open: Kai; 关 Close: Guan;手 Hand: Shou;飞 Fly: Fei; 鸟 Bird: Niao; 马 Ma: Horse

三,四,八,九,上,中,长,短,床,飞,开,关,鸟,飞,马,手 – Each group had different writing sheet according to level and age

Homework (preparation for next lesson):
-Practice greetings – will be tested at the beginning of next lesson
-Complete writing homework
-Practice numbers from 1-30
-Practice all words in reading, Vocabulary and new content

Recognition list:
Star of the week: Cai Tai Yue

Lesson videos: