2023-2024 GCSE 班 家庭作业 2月24日

2024年02月24日 2023-2024 GCSE 班 家庭作业 2月24日

教学内容 teaching contents:
See PDF file for details

家庭作业 homework:

1.复习所有词汇(you can use the vocabulary list)

2.写作练习 writing practice
You are posting a message to discussion forum of a Chinese gaming website. Your post is about playing computer games. Write approximately 80 characters in Chinese, covering the following points.
•Whether you like playing computer games
•How often you play computer games
•A game that you have played recently
•Anything that you are going to do differently in the future

3.练习生词 vocabulary
滑板 网球 比赛 遛狗 订票 售票处 裤子 裙子 帽子 椅子 桌子 鞋

4.口语练习(做好准备,把重点词写在作业本里) (Speaking practice, get ready to answer the following questions in the class next week, write the key words down in the note book)

Topic: Education post-16
• 你打算上大学吗?上大学对你重要吗?为什么?
Topic : Global issues – The environment
• 你觉得,什么样的环境最理想?什么交通工具对环境好?
Topic: Healthy/unhealthy living
• 生病的时候,应该做什么?如果感冒,你会吃药吗?
Topic : Home, town, neighbourhood and region
• 说说你最理想的房子?你住的地方有什么不好的地方?怎么改变?